Family Services

Parents as Teachers Home Visiting Program (PAT)
Parents as Teachers is a free, voluntary, confidential services to expectant mothers and families with young children under the age of four. The program is a long term, evidence-based, family visiting program, made to increase parent knowledge of early childhood development and improve parenting practices. Parents as Teachers also provides early detection of developmental delays and health issues and increase school readiness and success.

The PAT’s main office is now located at the BVCAP Woodlawn Community Center.


Youth Success Program
The goal of Youth Success is to assist participants in achieving self-sufficiency as a successful young family. Each pregnant or parenting teen is individually assessed on their strengths, needs, and skill levels. We assist teens in developing daily living skills, social skills, and completing secondary education or GED. This program increases self-awareness, stability, job-readiness, and employability.


Healthy Families America (HFA)
BVCAP’s Healthy Families America is a long term family visiting program for expectant mothers or families with children under three months of age. It is meant to promote positive growth and development in children while building the strengths of their families and protective factors.

HFA aims to:

  • Reduce child maltreatment;
  • Improve parent-child interactions and children’s social-emotional well-being;
  • Increase school readiness;
  • Promote child physical health and development;
  • Promote positive parenting;
  • Promote family self-sufficiency;
  • Increase access to primary care medical services and community services; and decrease child injuries and emergency department use.